Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Whatever you do - Don't bleed on your layout!

Since we are going to be doing more hand sketching, comping and mounting processes... it is inevitable while working with Xacto knives, trimming and prepping your layouts, you will inflict some sort of a cut or gash upon a finger. A true professional will avoid, at all costs, bleeding upon the layout. You will have spent a lot of time on these comps and to ruin them with a blood splatter means you would have to re-comp. Not good. sucks actually. Be very careful when using the Xacto knives. Keep a sharp blade in it. A dull blade is much more dangerous than a sharp one and watch for nicks and chips in the plastic triangles. The knife can hit those nicks and jump up on the top surface and come after your finger. I know, I have an inch long scar on my finger - took 9 stitches, one stitch more than my amputated finger - but I didn't bleed on the layout I was prepping for presentation. A badge of honor. Who wants to join the club?

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