Friday, March 20, 2009

I'm such a tool

You are going to feel very frustrated as you learn to become a graphic designer. You have just experienced one of many frustrations. You have to take to completion one of the layouts that may not have been your choice. Someone else got to choose. The design process has many frustrating obstacles to overcome. Often, it will seem like you never get to do what you want to do. You will feel like you are only a tool in the grand scheme of things. In fact the approval process can seem like it is designed to wring every ounce of creativity out of a project. This is a risk in the process. Too many cooks in the kitchen maybe? A good idea or design can be altered and watered down to a point of ineffectiveness. You will have to learn how to manage and overcome these inherent problems with the process. This will come with experience. Butt-kicking concepts and design is one of many ways of avoiding the problem. 

But... when a client doesn't approve a design, asks for revisions, or offers suggestions... this means your design didn't solve the problem effectively. It didn't sell. You pick up what is left of your self-esteem, cry in the car on your way back to the office or bar and start over to resolve the problem. Fun isn't it.

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