Friday, April 3, 2009

Project Management/Scheduling

This post is about developing skills in managing projects and meeting deadlines. What you have to do once a deadline is given is to work backwards from that deadline. Take into account all the steps and processes you have to accomplish to meet the deadline and assign yourself a date/time where each stage must be accomplished. This gives you a complete timeline for your project and if you meet each point along the way, you shouldn't have problems. Remember to build into that timeline some slack to allow for potential problems. Production problems, changes in the project and a host of other difficulties tend to crop up towards the back-end of projects. The closer to a deadline you get the more likely problems will happen. Learn to anticipate problems. Don't miss deadlines! 

To relate this to your current deadlines... you need to get your .pdf of your Ride poster submitted to the print monitors by Monday. Tuesday should be your fall-back time to reprint the project if you had problems printing on Monday.

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